Christmas is for giving ...

Do you remember as a child, every Christmas Eve your parents would give you the gift of new pyjamas to sleep in whilst you await the arrival of Santa Claus? 

I personally have always looked forward to my new Christmas jarmies, thankfully I was one of the lucky children .... 

Every year thousands of children don't get those new pyjamas nor do they get any gifts from Santa ... 90,000 children will be homeless for Christmas this year. 

New pyjamas won't bring them a loving home but it will provide them with some comfort and a feeling that someone has thought about them enough to donate a little love. 

Pyjama Party is a charity that collects pyjamas and distributes them to homeless and disadvantaged children in and around Merseyside, this year Walnut Salons have signed up to be a drop off point. 

To get involved all we ask is that you purchase a pair of children's pyjamas and drop them at either Walnut Salons Halsall or Rainford (pyjamas must be new and between the ages of 2-16 years) 

Pyjama Party then collect the pyjamas from us and deliver them to the needy children of Merseyside and surrounding areas. 

So please spare a thought, spend an extra few pounds and give a child the gift of new pyjamas this Christmas. 

Much love 

Nicola and Laura


Ps. the cut off for collection is Saturday 13th December. 

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